But what is staging?

Staging is the methodical process of preparing a property for sale in a way that will appeal to the highest number of buyers. By decluttering, depersonalizing, and enhancing the positive aspects of a property, staging encourages potential buyers to immediately visualize themselves living in the house.
Armed with an arsenal of professional techniques that include strategic furniture grouping, lighting enhancement, color neutralization, and tasteful accessorizing, Spundesign will transform any property into a warm, comfortable, inviting environment designed specifically to attract an offer. Every staging process is different and requires a different level of transformation. Spundesign takes care of EVERYTHING and gets the most for your money all while making sure your stress level is as low as possible!

Why Staging?

Living in your house is very different from selling it. 
Today it is widely known that a house that is professionally staged and properly prepared for sale will sell faster and for more money.

Staging has an impressive record of getting results in all market conditions.
With professional staging, your house will stand out from the others in your price range, and you won’t waste a single opportunity to create a favorable impression.

Staging will help create your most crucial marketing tool – attractive, compelling photographs.
Over 90% of buyers will see your house first on-line and decide within seconds whether to visit in person. Don’t let prospects get away! Be sure that the photographs of your house peak the buyers’ interest and draw them into your property. Consult with a professional Home Stager before your house is listed and pictures are taken.

Does staging really work?

The success of staging is well documented.

  • 95% of professionally staged homes sell on average in 17 days
  • Professionally staged homes command a 17% higher selling price than non-staged homes
  • An investment in staging yields an average Return on Investment of 197%

But these are just numbers. To get a truer assessment of the value of staging, take a few minutes and read our testimonials. Or peruse the images below. Every image on this website is an actual Spundesign project. There are no stock photos on our website.

Staging the Home

When staging a home, designer Amy Bloom Coleman knows what a buyer wants. Amy coined the term “the 5 first impressions of a buyer”… this is what is seen first. Buyers decide within the first 30 seconds whether or not they want to walk in the home or to walk away depending on what they first see… so focusing on the first 5 things, whether they are updates or the correct placement of furniture, all are crucial. Combined with an extensive and beautiful inventory of furniture and décor, Spundesign will show off your property’s assets and attract the right buyer right away. Along with staging, she can do the “remodel to sell” if the home needs updates. Amy knows what it takes to make a home beautiful, market ready and profitable for sellers. With Amy’s staging and updating solutions, homes sell within days.

Staging the Business

Staging isn’t just for residential real estate. It provides a better impression of a commercial property than simply viewing a vacant space, creating more buyer or renter interest and setting the stage for a profitable rental or sale, in the shortest time possible.

When the property is staged, it appears as a functioning business and can help overcome potentially damaging attributes of a particular property, making it easier to sell or lease.

The “commercial space” stage is when you are in the process of selling your business and you need to update it to make it attractive to buyers. We bring furniture that is sellable so that it could transfer to the new business owner without a hitch.

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